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Monday, 4 November 2019

Why do we celebrate Christmas? Merry Christmas Images 2019

Why do we celebrate merry Christmas? | Merry Christmas Images | Merry Christmas 2019 

Hello friends, do you know that India is a country where people of all religions live and all the festivals that come, consider them all with great pomp, no matter what the festival is. And in our country, the festival of Christian is also celebrated with great enthusiasm.
Why do we celebrate Christmas? Merry Christmas Images 2019
Merry Christmas Images 2019

Do you know why Christmas is celebrated, and then today we will tell you about it only in this post.

Why is Christmas celebrated?

Just as the biggest festival of Hindus is considered Deepawali, similarly the biggest festival of Christians is considered Christmas and it has great importance for them and all the Christians of the world celebrate it with great pomp.
Some Christians believe that the Lord Jesus was born on 25 December, but some people do not believe and that is why Christmas is celebrated on 25 December in memory of Jesus.
Do you know that there is a story behind celebrating Christmas, just as there is a story behind the festivals of the Hindus and there is a story behind every festival in this world, so let us know what is the story behind the Christmas.
People believe that this story is from 2000 years ago when Rome was ruled and they used to torture people very much.
And Jesus was born on earth to save her from atrocities
Why do we celebrate Christmas? Merry Christmas Images 2019
Merry Christmas Images 2019

It is believed that for the birth of Jesus, God chose a virgin girl named Merry and sent the angel near her and she told the girl that you have to give birth to the son of God whose name will be Jesus.
And he will later become a king who will liberate the people from the atrocities of Rome.

And that angel also told Joseph that you have to marry a girl named Merry and you have to give birth to the Lord's survivors.
And then Joseph and Merry get married.

And then the day arrived, both were going to Bethlehem on the day that Jesus was going to be born. At that time it was very crowded and there was no place for them to stay on their own, so they had to spend the whole night in a stables and Jesus was born that very night.
As soon as Jesus was born, a very bright shining appeared in the sky and everyone assumed that the Lord had taken birth to liberate us from the atrocities of Rome.
Why it was predicted that on the day the brightest star appears in the sky, understand that God has taken birth on the earth and all are very happy to see this

And then Jesus started helping people by staying on the same and started reducing their suffering.
And Lord Jesus started communicating the people and they said -
Do good to anyone who does evil to you and love your enemies as well.

How To Celebrate Christmas ?

And now let's talk about how this festival is celebrated
On this day, everybody cleans their houses and churches, and everyone is decorated beautifully with colorful papers and flowers.

On this day trees of Christmas are made, on which colorful flowers, bulbs and blooms are also planted and especially on this festival, the children are very happy because they get very good gifts.
On this day, all the children also wear Santa's close dress. On this day, when all the children go to sleep, Santa comes and presents gifts for all the children near their pillow, which makes the children very happy.

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