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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Why Is Birthday Celebrated? | Why Do People Hold Candlelight

Why is birthday celebrated? | Happy birthday images download

Hello friends, today we are going to talk with you on a very interesting topic. Which you have never thought about, nor have you heard. Today we are going to talk about why we celebrate birthday. Have you ever thought about why we celebrate the birthday, in this post today we talked about all the facts related to the birthday. Like why do we celebrate birthday, why do we cut cake and why do we burn candles on it, then you will get the answer to all these things, if you finish this post, then let's start.

Why is birthday celebrated? Happy birthday images download
Happy Birthday Image

Why is birthday celebrated?

Friends, it is believed that Germany is the first country where the first birthday was celebrated and Happy Birthday was invented in Germany itself. But there is a reason to celebrate this in Germany as well and the reason is that to save the children from the evil spirits, all the residents there were there, as soon as a child was born, they all used to shout loudly. Happy Birthday Happy Birthday means "It is a very auspicious day in which you are born".
And then it came out as a custom and started celebrating it in all countries.
And together some rich countries started celebrating it by cutting the cake.

Why do people say happy birthday to you in birthday?

Now friends, we tell you that who was the tone of Happy Birthday to You? And you will be surprised to know that this tone of Happy Birthday to You is also included in the Guinness Book of World 
Records and it is a record that this tone is used in every 95th birthday of the world.
This was first started by sisters who have become history today.

Why is birthday celebrated? Happy birthday images download

Why do people hold candlelight on birthday?

Have you ever thought that when the candles have to be baked, why do they burn them on the cake?
Today we are going to tell you that what is the reason that we light candles, so let us know.
However, the reason behind the candle is not to burn it, but to cause it to burn, because it is believed that when we arm that candle, the smoke that comes out of it goes directly to God. And God too can give him a lot of happiness by joining his birthday.

And friends now talk about some interesting factors which is quite fun.

Do you know that Morarji Desai, the 6th Prime Minister of India, comes on his birthday once in 9 years because he was born on 29th February.

Friends, do you know where was the largest cake made in the world and what was its weight. So we tell you that the world's largest cake was made in America and its weight was 58160 kg.

Do you know that the difference between one birthday to another would have been 1460 dreams at that time.

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