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Monday, 6 January 2020

Why People Celebrated Makar Sakranti | Hindu Festival Makar Sakranti

Hello friends, do you know that we believe in Makar Sankranti and what is its recognition. This festival has the highest recognition in India. And you will feel very strange to know why this festival is celebrated.

And do you know that even in India it is celebrated in different ways everywhere. Meaning it has different recognition in every state and villages according to the traditions there. So let us know why Makar Sakranti is celebrated and how it is celebrated.

Why Do We Celebrate Makar Sakranti | How To Celebrate Makar Sakranti

And from this day onwards, a program of Magh Mela or Ganga Snan is organized on the banks of river Ganges. And when a Kumbh Mela is held, the bath that is taken before it also starts first.

When the sun goes from one zodiac sign to another, we call it Sankranti. And the time between one revolution to another is the solar month.

The total movement of the sun is 12 but 6 of them are the most important which are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.
This occasion of Makar Sakranti is considered very auspicious. And in this auspicious day, donations are given to the poor.

On the holy festival of Makar Sakranti, applying jaggery and sesame, bathing in Narmada is considered very beneficial. After this, oil, jiggery, blanket and umbrella etc. are donated. And virtue is earned. It is believed that 14 January is the day when a good day begins on Earth.

 And this happens because the sun starts moving in the north instead of south. And it is believed that as long as the sun travels from east to south, its rays are a loss factor for us. But when the sun starts moving from east to north, its rays give us health and peace.
And as we told you that this festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrated in different ways in every state of India. 

So let's know about some special states where it is celebrated in a very unique way.

Gujarat and Rajasthan - It is celebrated with great pomp in both these states. On this day people here play kite and make sesame seeds and eat it as Uttarayan festival.

Uttar Pradesh - Makar Sakranti is called Khichdi festival in Uttar Pradesh. On this day, they wake up early in the morning and offer water to the sun and worship them. During the day, they make khichdi of rice and dal and eat it and donate it.

Tamil Nadu - In Tamil Nadu it is celebrated as Pongal. On this day these lentils make and eat rice khichdi.
Maharashtra - People here give good wishes to each other on the day of Makar Sakranti. Gajag and sesame seeds are made and eaten.

Punjab - Makar Sakranti is celebrated a day before in Punjab, which is celebrated as Lohri. And the ceremony is organized.

So you saw that with great enthusiasm this festival of Makar Sakranti is celebrated. And how is it celebrated in your state, let us know in the comments.

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