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Thursday, 16 April 2020

35 Motivational Time Quotes | Best Time Quotes For You

45 Motivational Time Quotes | Best Time Quotes | Motivation Time Thoughts

Quote 1: When time changes, it also makes the king a beggar.

Quote 2: Time it is described as real money.

Quote 3: Time is the real wealth.

Quote 4: Time is good or not, but it definitely passes.

Quote 5: You can sleep but time never sleeps.

Quote 6: You can identify your loved ones in your bad times.

Quote 7: It may take time to change the time but it will definitely change.

Quote 8: Time is the greatest strength and understanding it is the greatest wisdom.

Quote 9: Lack of time is an excuse.

Quote 10: Time gone is never returned. Understanding this is also intelligence.

Quote 11: Proper use of time is also a reason for our success.

Quote 12: You decide quickly or time will decide.

Quote 13: Learn to walk with time; everyone will learn to walk with you.

Quote 14: There is no master greater than time. Because it teaches you everything that no one can learn.

Quote 15: The learning of time in life is always remembered.

Quote 16: Everything changes over time, then why don't you change.

Quote 17: Always remember that you can stop, but time never stops.

Quote 18: When time does not stop for you, what is the problem that you have stayed for it.

Quote 19: Time only takes your test.

Quote 20: Bad times with loved ones quickly fade away.

Quote 21: Time arrives late and ends quickly.

Quote 22: Do not waste your time but use it properly.

Quote 23: Do not work according to mind but according to time.

Quote 24: Do not waste time talking big things.

Quote 25: Working on time is the right use of time.

Quote 26: When time gives, it gives everything and when it takes, it leaves nothing.

Quote 27: Time sometimes gives more happiness and sometimes more pain.

Quote 28: If you don't want to be wasted, stop wasting time.

Quote 29: You need time but time does not need you.

Quote 30: Time is life and life is struggle.

Quote 31: Takes time and also gives.

Quote 32: You also have time but you are sleeping now. But when you wake up, you won't have time.

Quote 33: Time shows you heaven and hell before you die.

Quote 34: Time is not from you, but you are from time.

Quote 35: If you are waiting for someone then it is a waste of time.

Quote 36: Waste of time is the reason for your end.

Quote 37: Time problem makes you strong.

Quote 38: Find the time to start the work. This time is important.

Quote 39: Do not cheat time, otherwise it will cheat you.

Quote 40: Use your time only in your karma.

Quote 41: Give your partner time and make life successful.

Quote 42: Time is both enemy and friend.

Quote 43: Understand the speed of time and do your work with that speed.

Quote 44: Time also changes from time to time, so you should also change accordingly.

Quote 45: Do not demand time, do your work all the time.

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